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We work hard to be the best we can be.

There are certainly a lot of ways to approach event preparation, but we believe in covering all the bases right down to the smallest details.   After all, if you’re going to sign up for a race then why not be as prepared as you can possibly be?  We believe in training specifically for a goal event and we believe in having fun but we also work hard to push ourselves and one another in order to be our best on race day.

Try out a group workout FREE for new athletes.

Interested in trying out a training group? You can check out any of the group training opportunities for FREE.  Send us an email to reserve your space.

We strive to be a resource for all endurance athletes looking for information, peer support or professional  guidance. We host a growing library of articles on various training topics and resources to prepare you for  race day. Check out the calendar of group training opportunities if you train in the Portland area. Looking    for coaching or a training camp? You’ll find it all right here!

O2 Endurance is pleased to begin offering online training options for athletes of all levels. Enhancements to  our website have allowed us to offer this is a terrific opportunity for athletes while still maintaining the  level of personal attention we have always provided. If you are unable to utilize the group training options  or simply prefer working out on your own time schedule, this might be right for you.  #DREAMBIG!