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Chaos Week…Money In The Bank!

The first week of July is in the books and it was memorable for sure!  To throw a wrinkle into the training groups I presented our normal testing week activities as “Chaos Week” with the objective of allowing everyone to check their ability to navigate the types of challenges that often present themselves on race […]

Video: Track Workout Technique

Crew,  Nice work at the track this morning.  I condensed some of the video down to 10 minutes with the warmup drills, a few of the repeats and the cool down drills.  I included a few notes to guide you along as you watch.  Often we’re not moving the same way we FEEL like we’re […]

Post Race Review – IMPORTANT

Crew,   As we chatted about last week the objective at Blue Lake was to check in on fitness and find a few things that we can use in your primary racing objectives later this month/summer.  So, while its still fresh in your mind take a moment to reflect and write out the answers to […]

Blue Lake Wrap-Up

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone that powered through the heat today at Blue Lake.  It was an impressive sight to see everyone out there putting the training to use and cashing in on the effort.  Special congrats to all that completed their first race, PR’d or earned a podium placing out there today. […]

Blue Lake Pre-Race Reminder

Crew,   As we head into a racing weekend just a quick reminder about how to get ready.  Make sure that you get your bike setup and pack all your gear for race day.  Here’s a packing list if you don’t already have one: http://www.o2endurance.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/race-day-tri-checklist.pdf   Tomorrow you want to complete either a run or […]

O2 Crew Digest: Training this week, Social, Updates

O2 Crew, I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the pleasant weather this weekend. For those of you that have served or have family members that have served in the military we thank you and honor you with our gratitude for all of your sacrifices. Below is a quick run-down on some important […]

Rehearsal Duathlon Notes/Results

Crew,   Nice work out there today.  I saw lots of good things and hopefully you all came away feeling more confident in your preparation for Spring Classic.  Some things to consider as you process your performance today. 1) Were you “psyched up” (positive mindset) or “psyched out” (negative mindset) going into the effort? 2) […]


*** SPLITS AND RESULTS APR. 2, 2016 5km TIME TRIAL *** Name/Mi.1/Mi.2/Finish Juliet/6:20/12:57/20:26 Remy/6:21/13:07/20:49 James/6:42/13:47/21:35 Janet/6:44/13:58/22:02 Heather/7:29/15:14/23:59 Taylor/7:20/15:45/26:06 Bob/7:38/15:50/25:01 Willie/8:08/17:39/27:46 Diane K./8:17/16:53/26:48 Chris M./9:03/17:49/27:22 Mary/10:23/21:42/34:42 Carol/11:16/22:52/35:36

Weekend Events 4/2-4/3

Hey Crew, I hope that you are all enjoying this week of sunshine and sleep. The weather has seriously cooperated with us for recharging low batteries and preparing us for solid training ahead. COMING UP: SATURDAY 4/2 – “Trail Trial” 5k Practice Race @ Reed College – 8am This is an excellent opportunity to get […]

O2E News and Notes

Hey Crew! Please review a few important things to note about upcoming events and classes. All of these changes and additional info are available at: O2E Calendar Thanks for all your hard work and commitment. You’ve put in some serious efforts this month. Take advantage of next week to recharge, restore and get ready to […]