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Jack Frost TT – Rehersal and Weekend Workouts

Don’t forget – BRING YOUR FRIENDS!       Hey Crew!  This Sunday at 8am we will meet at Vancouver Lake to rehearse the   physical and mental execution of our next early season race. This   practice and The Jack Frost TT on February 21st is the perfect way   to take the base building training we’ve been […]

Goal Setting Revisited

We talked a lot about goal setting before the new year. Now that some time has passed it’s important to revisit and revise these goals if needed. What you set your sights on for this season has to inspire and motivate you. Whether you set your goals already or are waiting for some magic moment […]

Goal Setting 101

Message from Coach Bryant Howard on goal setting…. O2Crew, Its that time of year again to take a few minutes to think over the accomplishments of the season and ponder the possibilities for the upcoming year. So many really cool things were accomplished in our group that it seems nearly impossible to surpass it…but we […]

Are you a Swinger or a Stomper?

Hey Team! Here’s a recap of the recent O2 Endurance Run Clinic with Coach Bryant. If you missed it, I’m sorry (it was GOOD!) but you can watch a little video (the sound isn’t great) and see some of the drills. Those of you that did attend, I suggest watching again too. Remember, change doesn’t […]

Cascade Half, 5k and 2 miler is in the books!

“It can’t be as bad as last year!” we all thought about the weather while preparing to head down to Turner, OR for the Cascade Half Marathon event. We were wrong. BUT, rain storms be darned – we ran better and faster even still! Ten brave athletes lined up cold and wet this morning and without […]

SPECIAL – Run Clinic with Bryant THIS THURSDAY at 6am

HEY GUYS! If you haven’t heard yet – The UAE let their most valuable American   come home for a few days – AND! He’ll be coaching a special RUNNING   CLINIC at the O2 Endurance Training center tomorrow morning at   6am-7am. Those of you who are enrolled in Thursday morning Track will   get a valuable tutorial […]

Why Test???

Below is a great email from Coach Bryant Howard about how and why we test each month. Read and get ready. See you all soon! Remy ———————————————————————- Gang, With the inclusion of folks this month I thought it might be useful to review the how and why of “Testing Week”. “THE HOW” of our testing […]


Happy Holidays Team! Thank you all for bringing your positive energy, a willingness to work hard and for making my job such a gift. Please read and mark your calendars with the below changes to the December schedule. When you get all the way through there’s an important note from THE Coach Bryant  – don’t […]

Crew Update : December 5th

Hey Team, Great first week and weekend back in the swing of things. Well done, all of you that have rallied and made it out in the cold and the dark to the Training Center, the pool and even outside for this weekends workouts. Thanks again to Willie and Chelsea for hosting the kickstarter 4 […]