Blue Lake Pre-Race Reminder


  As we head into a racing weekend just a quick reminder about how to get
ready.  Make sure that you get your bike setup and pack all your gear
for race day.  Here’s a packing list if you don’t already have one:

  Tomorrow you want to complete either a run or bike warmup to activate
your body.  Keep it to 30-45min with a few race pace efforts and
technique drills.  Its going to be hot this weekend, so make sure you’re
diligent about hydration. Start with half you bodyweight in fluid
ounces, plus a bottle while you’re doing your warmup.

  The objective this weekend is to test your body in a race situation and
identify things that are developing well as well as areas that need
attention in preparation for Duathlon Nationals.

For those preparing for Du Nationals here’s another version of the recon
video I made with a little something to set the mood.

Watch the video until you can visualize each section of it.  The more you
watch the video the better you will race.