Chaos Week…Money In The Bank!

The first week of July is in the books and it was memorable for sure!  To throw a wrinkle into the training groups I presented our normal testing week activities as “Chaos Week” with the objective of allowing everyone to check their ability to navigate the types of challenges that often present themselves on race day such as a malfunctioning power meter or unexpected change to the start time.  Rather than walking everyone through our warm-up protocols I challenged the group to implement the routine on their own and get themselves ready for a short “rehearsal race” that doubled as our monthly test.

We used the following guidelines;

  1. STATE OF MIND…Decide in advance the most productive state of mind for the effort you are about to do.
  2. MOVEMENT THOUGHT…Choose a movement cue that leads directly to efficient forward movement that can be used during the moment when technique begins to fall apart.
  3. TACTICAL PLAN…Have a planned approach to the effort that you can evaluate afterward.

With these very basic guidelines I stepped back and watched some really terrific performances.  Great work everyone!  Make note of what worked and lets try to replicate it in our workouts and races the rest of the summer.    -Bryant