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Group Training

O2 Endurance provides athletes structured, specific training and real-time feedback across multi-sport disciplines at a variety of ability levels. Led by expert coaches, group training utilizes state-of-the-art tools and training techniques to enhance instruction within the team context.  Training with a team provides motivation, support and a friendly competitive atmosphere that is impossible to replicate when training alone.

Choose from ten weekly options and seven different types of training sessions, including swimming, biking, running, strength, and core. See our Calendar under the Athlete Resources tab for current offerings.

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This group workout in the pool focuses on developing swim stroke mechanics and efficiency to improve performance.  Regardless of your swimming goals – open water racing, triathlon, masters swim meets or swimming for fitness – this team training will make you faster.  All swimmers from beginner to advanced will benefit.


Train on your own bike! In addition to improving your aerobic fitness, speed and technique, these sessions measure individualized power output, cadence, heartrate, and pedal stroke efficiency.  Each station is tailored to the individual athlete, seTerry and James AM workouttting distinct training loads and workouts to improve your specific strengths and abilities. Athletes are provided real time feedback and workouts follow simulated courses designed to improve your performance on mixed terrain from time trials to hill climbs.  Training sessions follow a progressive development that follow the racing calendar, from aerobic base-building to high intensity interval training.12717384_1098540406834586_8988383772950196141_n


O2E track workouts focus on developing efficient run mechanics and technique and is designed to improve your run fitness and prepare you for races of any length. After a comprehensive warm-up, the group follows a dedicated drill progression to improve stride mechanics before completing a main workout consisting of both speed and distance intervals.12079204_1018831738138787_7683354110564055648_n


Women’s Strength Training (She-RA!): Awomen’s-only small group training class that focuses on building muscular strength for sport and life in a fun, supportive environment

Core Challenge: This 45 minute class leads athletes through strengthening exercises from the shoulder girdle to the glutes and hips, utilizing the fundamentals and principles of pilates-based exercise.

Circuit Strength: This fast paced, multi-sport specific class tackles the most overlooked piece of training in endurance sports; strength conditioning.  Using a combination of body weight and resistance exercises complemented by free weights and machines, O2E strength training provides a safe, effective, high-energy, and supportive environment that will improve your performance on race day.

COST: $70/month per group