Core Challenge *NEW* Class in April

O2E Crew,

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the types of new offerings
you’d like to have at O2E. We heard the call and are excited to launch
Core Challenge with Heidi Bullock starting April 1st!


Starting in APRIL on Fridays @ 7:15am – 7:45am (30 mins)

$35/mo (4 sessions)

A strong core leads to a strong body, better posture, and in general
better self-awareness. This class will lead you through various
strengthening exercises from the shoulder girdle to the glutes and hips
utilizing the fundamentals and principles of Pilates-based exercise.
This class is designed to help midsection stability and
strength. A strong core leads to strong, fit bodies that will be less
prone to injury. This class is a wonderful complement to all the other
offerings at O2 Endurance (swim, bike, and run).

Bring water and a towel. A yoga mat is great if you have one. We have
a few you can borrow.

If you are currently participating in Friday Strength Circuit, this
switch of focus will flow perfectly into our spring and summer race
season. Tuesday Strength Circuit will continue as usual from
7:15am-7:45am. I recommend all of us take advantage of this excellent
training opportunity as well. These two classes combined will lead to
solid foundations of strength and power.

Please reply to if you are interested in this
class, or trying any other O2E offering next month.

PS. We’ve been working on making a more user friendly
and helpful site. Go take a look! There’s a calendar, under “athlete
resources” that has all our classes and Club events listed and
described. You’ll find a link to the O2E Blog where we have lots of
great articles about training and racing. You can also easily send
your friends and co-workers who might be interested in learning more
about your team to see what we are all about. Let’s us know what you

Have a great week!