Long Rides and Runs this winter.


  Keep in mind that during these very important winter base sessions that
it is CRITICAL THAT YOU DON’T “LEVEL JUMP”.  You must respect your
body’s need for a sensible progression that allows for a healthy
adaptation process.  Remy, Willie and Janet have laid out specific
benchmarks that we’re trying to hit but you must never try to over-reach
or you will simply end up sick or injured.  An “over-reach” is more than
10-15min longer than your longest run for the previous 6 weeks and
30-45min longer than your longest bike for the previous 4 weeks.  For
example, I’ve been off running for nearly a month so a 10 minute run is
considered an appropriate workout right now.  A 30 minute run would be a
dangerous over-reach that could put me on the sidelines.

Train SMART, dream BIG, go FAST and have FUN!