Hey Team,

It’s time! December is…TOMORROW. I hope you have all enjoyed our
November downtime as much as I have. At first, I wondered how on earth I
could handle that much time off.  It didn’t take long before I realized
just how easy it would be!

I’ve been laying low and enjoying time with family and friends, staying up
late and sleeping in. Starting after Thursday’s Thanksgiving dinner (thanks
tryptophan!) I have been practicing for what I know is coming; alarm
clocks and dark, chilly mornings, by forcing myself in bed by 8:30pm and
passing up the holiday indulgences.

This month is going to be a good one. It’s time to get back into the groove
and set ourselves up for an incredible new year. Racing *Duathlon Nationals
in Bend *is a super exciting goal that I know lots of us are aiming for it.
This will make for some really fun training sessions. Have you penciled out
the rest of your goals for the year? Sometimes the process can seem
overwhelming. These are *your* dreams. Write down a whole bunch and then
pick a few that really hit you in the gut and makes you say, “Yes, I want

Remember, keep your goals measurable, specific, challenging and exciting.
Here’s a link to Coach Bryant’s recent email about how to tackle *goal
setting*. Read it, and then go for it.
Dream BIG <>


NOW let’s make them happen. *Starting this Tuesday* we are back at the
Training Center to get our first Bike workout. Sure, it might hurt a
little, but, that’s never stopped us before.

If you haven’t committed to your training plan yet…do it now. Here again
is the current *schedule for December.*

Monday –
6am SWIM at ESAC

Tuesday –
6am BIKE at Training Center (TC)
7:15-7:45am Circuit Training with Willie (It’s gonna be good!)
9am – 10am Women’s Strength Training (She-Ra! Come try it!)

Wednesday –
6am SWIM at ESAC
6pm Strength and Power (TC)
7pm BIKE

Thursday –
6am RUN (TC)* ***Note**** For the winter months we are going to take
advantage of the climate controlled environment of the Training Center. We
will also be focusing on building strength, honing technique, and
developing speed. You can expect warm-up and drill work as usual, at least
30mins of continuous running on treadmills, around the “barn” and outside,
plus more agility, core work and fun!

Friday –
6am BIKE (TC)
7:15 – 7:45am Circuit Training with Janet (Get pumped!)

*Our Weekend activities* are shaping up too! This *SATURDAY 12/5* Allison
and Tom are hosting a *Club Group Run and Breakfast after*. Check out the
Facebook page for more info. Drag a friend or two out of their winter
hideout and get out there. Info: Club Run

Janet will be also hosting additional base training bike workouts at the
TC, Sundays this month. There will be a $20 drop-in fee to be paid on
arrival. This will be first come first served – so get there early and get
your favorite spot! Movie and a workout! Bring your own snacks:-)

So, mark your *DECEMBER* calendars with *Saturday Club Runs* and *Sunday
Indoor Bike Rides* with Janet. Note start times, locations and drop in fees
for additional Compu-trainer workouts. Keep an eye out on The Club’s
Facebook page for any changes.

Sat 12/5 9am CLUB RUN @ Allison and Tom’s (8734 NW Ogden Street, Portland,
Sun 12/6 8am Indoor Ride @ The TC $20 Drop in/First Come First Served
Sat 12/12 9am CLUB RUN @ Tryon Creek Map <>
Sun 12/13 8am Indoor Ride @ The TC
Sat 12/19 9am CLUB RUN @ Sellwood/Oaks Park Map
Sun 12/20 8am Indoor Ride @ The TC
Sat 12/26 9am CLUB RUN @ Duniway Park Map

I am eager to start training again and truly looking forward to
reconnecting with all of you. We’ve got exciting things on the horizon. 
you are interested in strength training but none of the group times work
with your schedule, consider personal training. Shoot me a message and we
can find a time that works and make a plan. This is the best time of year
to tackle questionable nutrition habits too. Whether yours need a total
overhaul, a clean up during the holidays or a reboot as you get back to
training – we can help with that too. *Personal Training *and* Nutrition
Coaching* are two personalized ways to elevate your fitness and your diet.

Set out your water bottles, round up your bike gear and get in bed early.

See you soon!