O2 Crew Digest: Training this week, Social, Updates

O2 Crew,

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the pleasant weather this
weekend. For those of you that have served or have family members that
have served in the military we thank you and honor you with our
gratitude for all of your sacrifices.
Below is a quick run-down on some important info for the week ahead;

TRAINING: Your feedback has been taken into consideration and clearly the
group wants our Thursday track workout to be at Grant HS for the summer.
We’ll begin at 6am (arrive early to warmup) and finish by 7am. We will
also hold occasional training events at Reed College on the weekends.

-Upcoming…I’m driving out to video/gps the Duathlon Nationals course
today and will announce a rehearsal duathlon in the next two weeks. Space
will be limited, let me know if you would like a spot.

MEETING/SOCIAL: Our very diverse (and very busy) group is split 50/50 on
availability for a team meeting and social. So, accepting that not
everyone can attend here’s what we’re going to do;

-MEETING…I’m going to record a video to convey important information. I
will send out a link via this email list to access it.

-SOCIAL…Since the point of a social is to get everyone together we’re
going to find weekend date in the next couple weeks that works better
with most everyone’s schedule. Please give feedback if you’re around
either June 11/12 or June 18/19.

-NEW KITS…The new kits are in and I will begin distributing them at
workouts tomorrow. I’m passing them along at exactly what they cost to
produce, so I can’t process them in your monthly O2E billing or accept
credit cards (would appear as taxable income). Please bring cash or
checks. Sizes are exactly the same as previous years (same company), we
have cycling kits, triathlon kits (1-pc/2-pc), t-shirts, arm/leg warmers
and team socks. I will send prices in a separate email so you can budget.
have a great day,