Hey Crew, this one’s gonna be short and sweet, just like February (usually)!

Let’s start with some reminders….


Saturday 2/13 (tomorrow) – Group RUN @ 8:30am starting at Sellwood  
Riverfront Park. The weather should be tolerable, so get out their  
with your training pals and enjoy your weekend run.

Sunday 2/14 (Valentine’s Day) – Indoor Ride at the TC @ 8am – TBD.  
It’s always good. $20 drop in. Come be our valentine??

And then…

Saturday 2/20 NO PLANNED RUN – Getting ready for Sunday…

Sunday 2/21 – Jack Frost Time Trial. We’ve practiced, we’re ready.  
Sign up on Obra.org to make it easy, or get there early enough on race  
day. Getting it done ahead of time is simple and less stressful.

Saturday 2/27 – Group Run @ 8:30 Tryon Creek. Trees!

Sunday 2/28 – Indoor Ride @ 8am

***Ok, this month you’ve all felt some workouts getting a little  
longer (more yards in the pool) and a little tougher (TT prep) and  
you’ve all done a great job tackling the challenges. Hard work pays  
off all along the way.
Good work all around!!

The Jack Frost is an early season went and an opportunity to test out  
our race faces with little to no risk, it’s really just more practice.  
But, it’s important practice. So, if you have made this part of your  
training plan this season – use the tools you have developed, and  
rehearsed…just like a race. Take a few minutes over the next week go  
over the warmup protocol in your head. Imagine the course. See  
yourself executing your plan. The more you practice, the more  
confident you feel – the more confident you feel, the faster you go!***

Happy Valentine’s Day, Flag Day and Leap Year Day.

All for now – See you soon!