O2E News – March

12814328_1107544315934195_5937966838875670157_nHEY CREW!

Can you believe it’s already March?  We’ve spent the winter building our
base fitness and refining technique.  Incorporating all the drills we do
trains the nervous system to swim/bike/run even more powerfully and
efficiently. Training your body to maximize every ounce of expended energy
and help you race your best once
fitness has peaked.

Remember as you get further into this season that speed is built from the base up. Solid posture and dialed position will lead to greater power and better performance.


SAT, MARCH 12TH CLUB RUN @ Duniway Track Park 8am
SUN, MARCH 13TH 38th Annual SHAMROCK RUN @ Waterfront Park
       (Good luck to all O2E runners!)
SAT, MARCH 19TH CLUB RUN @ Powell Butte 8am
       (followed by optional breakfast @ Elmers Restaurant)
SUN, MARCH 20TH Multirider Indoor Session* w/Janet @ 8am
       (2-3 hour aerobic ride objective)
SAT, MARCH 26TH CLUB RUN @ Tryon Creek 8am
SUN, MARCH 27TH Multirider Indoor Session* w/ Janet @ 8am
       (2-3 hour aerobic ride objective)

*NOTE: Sunday indoor sessions are a $20 drop-in fee.


5TH WEEK OF MARCH: This month is one of those long months with a fifth
week that we will be using to restore the bodies and refresh the minds.
We recommend using the week following Easter Sunday to get a little extra
RandR before get back to it in April.   The next scheduled break will be
the end of May.

NEW OFFERINGS: We are looking to launch new group training options, but we
need your feedback.  Let us know what types of workouts you would like us
to add and what days/times work for you.  We need this info by the end of
the week, please.

***We have received several requests for 8am Bike on Tuesday/Friday and an
evening run group on Tuesday.  Please let us know if you would be
interested in either.
Email remy@o2endurance.com to confirm your interest.*****

PERSONAL COACHING: Bryant’s private coaching roster is presently full but
there are still opportunities for consultation if you would like to
schedule a time to meet.  Remy has availability if you need help planning
your season, setting goals, dialing nutrition or organizing an effective
strength routine.

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Facebook: o2endurance
Twitter: @o2endurance
Instagram: O2Endurance


“Training is like fighting with a Gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re
tired. You stop when the Gorilla is tired.”   -Greg Henderson Team Sky


Keep Fighting,

Bryant and Remy