Jack Frost TT – Rehersal and Weekend Workouts

12573215_1077781222243838_3407461893073032055_nDon’t forget – BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

      Hey Crew! 
This Sunday at 8am we will meet at Vancouver Lake to rehearse the  
physical and mental execution of our next early season race. This  
practice and The Jack Frost TT on February 21st is the perfect way  
to take the base building training we’ve been doing and get more  
specific, and a little more intense. You’ve been gaining strength  
these last few months and now it’s time to take it out into the real  
world. Consider this rehearsal and this time trial an important part  
of your February training plan. Don’t get bogged down by “race”  
aspect of either event – it’s really about you getting on your bike  
and practicing for the bigger events you’ve got coming up this  
season…and shaking off the rust…remembering what it’s like to  
feel the wind in your face and go fast!
(There is NO Saturday group workout this weekend. Plan to get  
together for this ride on Sunday instead;-)
Meet at the parking lot by 8am to begin warm-up.

Bring trainer (extra if you have more than one)
Dress in layers. Should be a decent morning, but come prepared, warm  
ups, arm warms etc.
Warm up is a critical part of this training. Janet will lead us  
through the appropriate pre-race protocol to get us ready to go. 
First rider off at 9am for a 12m out and back ride. 
Bring warm clothes to change into and a snack. We can talk about how  
it went for you in conclusion. 

Saturday, 2/13 – RUN @ Sellwood Park 8:30
Sunday 2/14 – Indoor RIDE @ Training Center 8am – 11am (Ride up to 3  
hours) $20 drop in.
Sunday 2/21 Jack Frost TT – Sign up on OBRA.com
Sunday 2/28 – Indoor Ride @ TC 8am – 11am (Ride up to 3 hours) $20 drop in.
Go Team!

Goal Setting Revisited

We talked a lot about goal setting before the new year. Now that some time has passed it’s important to revisit and revise these goals if needed. What you set your sights on for this season has to inspire and motivate you. Whether you set your goals already or are waiting for some magic moment – February is upon us and it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Coach Bryant wrote a great piece about goals setting that you can find here. Check it out. http://www.o2endurance.com/goal-setting-101/

Then ask yourself as few questions…

Why did you choose this goal? Because you didn’t achieve it last year? Because all your friends are doing it?

How close to achieving this goal are you already? What will it take for you to actually reach this goal? How much time and effort are you ready to dedicate?

Remember, these goals are all about YOU – a podium finish requires control over the field that you don’t have. And your goals are also changeable — you might be shooting for an Ironman now, but realize come May that the Olympic distance really pushes you are excites you. What’s most important is that you pick a goal or two that you know you can achieve if you work hard, train smart and keep your eye on the prize.

Now, go for it!

Goal Setting 101

Message from Coach Bryant Howard on goal setting….


Its that time of year again to take a few minutes to think over the
accomplishments of the season and ponder the possibilities for the
upcoming year. So many really cool things were accomplished in our
group that it seems nearly impossible to surpass it…but we always seem
to find a way. As you’re designing your goals for 2016 consider the

-Goals should be specific and measurable. There should be no question at
the end of the year whether or not you achieved your goal.
-Goals should be PROCESS oriented (focused on actions within your control
vs. OUTCOME oriented such as winning/placing which are largely affected by
other people.)

-Goals should be challenging…to the point that they make you a little
nervous. An ideal goal will stretch you beyond what you can do right now
and REQUIRE that you improve in some manner.

-Goals should be REALLY CHALLENGING…so challenging that you have to
accomplish some pretty cool things on the road to reaching your goal.
Done properly you might find at the end of the year that you’ve fallen
short of your stated goal, but in the process you’ve reached a level of
performance you’d never achieved before. We call this SUCCESS.

-Goals should be PERSONAL AND MEANINGFUL…there’s going to be a moment
during the year when you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” You better
have a great answer and you better mean it…if not you’re going to find
it hard to achieve your goal.

-Goals should be SHARED WITH FRIENDS…this makes it really and makes you
accountable. Talk about your goals, explain why they matter and watch
your friends and training partners rally behind you.

I look forward to seeing all your goals on the board at the Training
Center when I get back;

Are you a Swinger or a Stomper?

Hey Team! Here’s a recap of the recent O2 Endurance Run Clinic with Coach Bryant. If you missed it, I’m sorry (it was GOOD!) but you can watch a little video (the sound isn’t great) and see some of the drills. Those of you that did attend, I suggest watching again too. Remember, change doesn’t happen over night, we have to keep at it and keep at it until we get it, and then keep at it some more.

Most of us have something we are working on or trying to smooth out with our running. Many of us have several things! To start improving NOW, pick one. Remember what Coach says, “The best way to effect change and see results is by focusing on one thing at a time, and then give it time.”

Luckily there is ONE thing we can all do to improve – STAND UP TALL. Good posture isn’t just a healthy habit. Standing up straight with your shoulders pulled back, chest up and eyes straight ahead says you mean business! Try to imagine a string on the top of your head being pulled up to the sky. I also like to imagine a string tied to my waist, keeping my hips high and guiding me forward.

Speaking of hips! You’ll see many runners shuffling or swinging their feet as they go. Sometimes you can even hear them coming. Which means they won’t go far, or very fast. Pick up those feet! (Check out the drills in the video to practice this tip.)

Ideally your foot should make contact with the ground directly underneath your body, rather than far out in front of it. A helpful way to think about this is “putting your foot down underneath your hips.” When there’s a straight line from your hips to where your foot lands, there’s no reaching or stretching the leg in front of your body. (See one-leg drill)

Another tendency a lot of runners have is slamming their feet down on the ground because they are trying to lengthen or stretch out their stride. This really just causes a hard, jarring impact with the ground that can result in pain and injury. So, whether you swing or stomp, practice picking up your feet to cut injury risk, and run more fluid and efficiently.

Then add cadence. That’s the number of times your feet in the ground in a minute. Turns out the higher the better. A quick cadence, lifting the feet quickly after they touch ground, means less jarring and impact on the leg muscles and joints. Using a Garmin or other device is an easy way to keep and eye on cadence, but you can also just count your foot falls in a 60 seconds. Experts say, shoot for about 90 taps each foot. A number above 80 is a great place to start. It’ll seem faster than usual, and you might feel your heart rate elevate. That’s ok. As aerobic athletes we rely on our cardiovascular system to do some hard work. The body will adapt and it will get easier, and you will get fitter. Giving your knees, feet, ankles and joints a break will mean they last longer, so you can run longer too.

So, stand up tall, pick up those feet and keep it quick. Take one thing at a time and keep at it for a month. Fast runners – run deliberately. Just like dancing, pay attention to your feet but don’t over think it and you’ll be flying.

Cascade Half, 5k and 2 miler is in the books!

“It can’t be as bad as last year!” we all thought about the weather while preparing to head down to Turner, OR for the Cascade Half Marathon event. We were wrong. BUT, rain storms be darned – we ran better and faster even still! Ten brave athletes lined up cold and wet this morning and without complaint set out and finished this early season race with style and speed!

Hard work pays off and these runners can prove it. I won’t be betting on sunshine for next year but I’ll put my money on the O2 crew taking most of the hardware home with them! Nicely done. 12573215_1077781222243838_3407461893073032055_n

SPECIAL – Run Clinic with Bryant THIS THURSDAY at 6am


If you haven’t heard yet – The UAE let their most valuable American  
come home for a few days – AND! He’ll be coaching a special RUNNING  
CLINIC at the O2 Endurance Training center tomorrow morning at  
6am-7am. Those of you who are enrolled in Thursday morning Track will  
get a valuable tutorial on how to run better, faster and easier. But,  
this is also an opportunity for those of you running on your own to  
come and practice technique and run skills that will make a big  
difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your training and  
racing. Bring your running pals too! Drop in is only $15 – we will be  
indoors but dress in layers and don’t forget your water bottles. It’s  
gonna be GOOD!

Also – please note updates and changes for weekend Club Runs and Rides  
for the next couple of weeks…

Saturday, January 16th – Indoor bike w/ Janet @ 8am
Sunday, January 17th – Cascade Event 1/2 marathon, 5k, 2 miler  
(something for everyone!)
Saturday, January 23rd – Indoor bike with Remy
Sunday, January 24th – Group run @ Tryon Creek – 8:30am start
Saturday, January 30th – Group run @ Duniway – 8:30am start

And remember, the Training Center will be closed the final week of  
January – Sunday 1/24 until Sunday 1/31
February training will resume on Monday the 1st.

Check out the O2 Endurance Website for updates and info as well.

See you tomorrow!!

O2 Endurance
Performance Coaching Group
Portland, OR

Why Test???

Below is a great email from Coach Bryant Howard about how and why we test each month. Read and get ready. See you all soon!



With the inclusion of folks this month I thought it might be useful to
review the how and why of “Testing Week”.

“THE HOW” of our testing sessions;
-We begin each of our test sessions with a warmup protocol very similar to
a pre-race warmup. We do this to activate the muscles and energy systems
required to produce the best possible result. We also do this as a
rehearsal of our race day routine so that it becomes second nature.  
During various times of the year I choose a testing protocol to measure a
specific aspect of your fitness, to evaluate fitness gains and to identify
training targets for upcoming objectives.

“THE WHY” of our testing sessions;
-The sessions we complete during the monthly “Testing Week” serve multiple
purposes. The obvious is to measure of fitness gains, but equally
important is the opportunity to rehearse the effort and focus required
when putting yourself in competition. These abbreviated versions of the
intensity we experience in competition allow us the opportunity to train
our brains to withstand the discomfort and filter out distractions. 
Finally, and this should not be underestimated, is the fitness gains that
we elicit when we execute a “full gas” effort. The closer we get our
efforts to the edge of our fitness the greater the adaptive response
response that we elicit from the body. In this way it truly is a case of
your get out what you put in.

***Testing week after an extended break***
-This establishes our starting point and calibrates training intensities
for the following workouts. In our system its critical that we know your
fitness level so we can target appropriate intensities and ensure
progress. Don’t skip out on this week because you’re “out of shape” and
don’t worry about what the number says because the entire point is to make
sure you get the proper training moving forward.

I hope this helps…now go crush those test sets!


Happy Holidays Team! Thank you all for bringing
your positive energy, a willingness to work hard and for making my job
such a gift.

Please read and mark your calendars with the below changes to the
December schedule. When you get all the way
through there’s an important note from THE Coach Bryant  – don’t skip


12/19 SATURDAY 8:30 Club Run with Willie at Tryon Creek (45-55mins)
12/20 SUNDAY 8am Indoor Computrainer ride with Janet (1-1.5 hrs)


Because Christmas Day falls on a Friday (there will be NO class on
Christmas Day), plan to make up that workout on either Tuesday 12/22 at 6am
or Wednesday evening 12/23 at 7pm to be sure you get your training hours.

12/26 SATURDAY 8:30 Club Run with Willie at Duniway Track.  Come share the
festive spirit with your buddies while you run!

12/27 SUNDAY 8am Indoor Computrainer ride with Janet (1-1.5 hrs) Bring
your new bikes! (Wishful thinking!)


With another Friday Holiday on New Year’s Day – BIKE POWER CLASS will START
at 8am! Enjoy the extra sleep. Be there to start 2016 off right!

******NOTE to those starting new groups or coming back to groups in
January, the January block of training starts on 12/28 (because the coaches
will be traveling the last week of January and the Training Center with

REMEMBER to EMAIL Willie at Willie.Wilcoxen@portofportland.com with
your registration info for the Cascade 1/2 Marathon by January 2nd – late
registration will be full price – don’t wait. Make check payable for $35 to
‘Cascade Half Marathon’

*******The Cascade 1/2 Marathon/10k takes place on Sunday 1/17 — for this
week the 8am Indoorride with Janet will take place on SATURDAY 1/16th

RACE REGISTRATION for 2016: It’ll be here before you know it. Let’s be
ready. WHY Racing Event rates go up after Dec. 31st and are currently at
there lowest prices. Register soon to get the best deals.  Blue Lake,
Spring Classic, Hagg Lake etc. They have USAT sanctioned all there races,
which is great for us.  Link to registration here

Also time to think about signing up for OBRA for 2016 with Jack Frost TT
coming up. http://obra.org

Ok, you made it! And now….


Keep in mind that this month is meant to serve as a gentle on-ramp to your
regular training schedule. The body doesn’t adapt well to dramatic
changes in routine and activity levels which is why I recommend that
everyone choose no more than 2 of the 3 group disciplines
for December.  Building up our bodies with strength training is CRITICAL
this time of year since we’ll spend the entire year breaking down muscle
tissue during our long endurance sessions.  Those that skip strength
training will likely become injured at some point next year.

Use your 2016 goals as the guideline for the buildup events that you
choose between January and June.  If you’re racing long course you should
get in a winter half marathon. If you’re focused on short course you
should be trying got develop your 5k/10k speed.

This is the time of year to establish baseline health so please get an
appointment with you doctor for a complete physical.  Included in that
appointment request diagnostic bloodwork that includes a CBC and FERRITIN
level.  The Ferritin level is ESPECIALLY important to be sure to
specifically request that be added.

Brick by brick, that’s how a strong foundation is built.  Stay healthy,
get to those workout sessions and keep your eyes on the goal board.

Thanks for reading Crew – keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays from O2 Endurance Coaching Team

Crew Update : December 5th

Hey Team,

Great first week and weekend back in the swing of things. Well done,
all of you that have rallied and made it out in the cold and the dark
to the Training Center, the pool and even outside for this weekends
workouts. Thanks again to Willie and Chelsea for hosting the
kickstarter 4 miler on Saturday. Bacon and eggs does make a drizzly
run seem a little warmer. I felt grateful again for what we’ve got
while riding a piece of the Ironman Florida course INSIDE on Sunday.
Training with friends, taking about goals, getting it done. Good work,
Team. If you haven’t yet made the commitment to return to your
training plan, do it now. Base building is the foundation for a
faster, fitter and healthy race season. Remember you can’t move to the
next step without getting through the first. I know you all like to
get places fast — but really, you can’t skip it, so don’t even try.

Base building is all about focusing on form in all three sports, and
building our muscle strength and cardiovascular ability. Keep this in
mind when we do drills over and over in the pool, when we go through
the cones again and when I poke you in the butt on the bike – use
those glutes and hips!

When the spring and summer comes and we get busier finding time for
strength training gets harder so take advantage of it now. Tuesday and
Friday 7:15am, Wednesday @ 6pm or Tuesday and Thursday 9am (women only)

A few updates: There will *NOT* be Resolution Run on FRIDAY January
1st. There WILL be a BIKE workout at the Training Center (as usual)
BUT it will begin at 8am. Enjoy the Holiday sleep in!

This weekend:
Saturday Club Run @ Sellwood/Oaks Bottom 8:30 Start
Sunday Indoor Ride @ The TC 8am Start and $20 drop-in

Stay dry!
And if you need to reach me – 503-348-9369