O2E Notes: Re-Entry, Jack Frost and What’s Next

Hey Crew,

  Its really great to be back home…thank you all for welcoming me back
so warmly this week and now that myfingers and toes have gone completely
numb at the TT this morning I feel like I’m really home!  It has been
great re-connecting with
everyone the past couple days and I’m looking forward to unveiling the
offerings that we’re putting together for the upcoming season.  Here’s
a quick run-down;

JACK FROST THOUGHTS: Congratulations to everyone that got it done out
there this morning.  As I observed everyone’s individual response to
the conditions this morning I made some mental notes of some things to
address.  Here are a few thoughts.

1) This was an example of why we emphasize normalizing a routine on race
day.  Weather conditions or other variables can easily distract us or put
us into a negative state of mind, but if we focus on doing the same things
the same way its easier to maintain a positive state of mind and execute
our targeted objective.  ***State of mind is EVERYTHING.***

2) There are no shortcuts to your goals, each event is a step in the
process. Do what you’re supposed to do, no excuses.

3) Each event is an opportunity to demonstrate the work you’ve put in.
Don’t get caught up in times or placings but rather focus on executing
your effort to best of your ability on the day. That’s the key to success
at your “A” race and is something we must practice at these training

TRAINING GROUPS:  Remy, Janet, Willie and I are evaluating present group
offerings and looking for YOUR input on where to add more sections.
Here’s your chance to weigh in with ideas for new groups or new days to
add workouts.  We just need 5 people to commit to launch a new group so
REPLY ALL with your ideas/requests.
*NOTE: We’re considering a second run option, return of the Gladiators
(men’s strength), mid-morning bike and an event prep series.

O2E COMMUNICATION:  We’re launching an O2Endurance Communication Forum
using “WhatsApp”.  This will be used to disseminate time sensitive info,
send out requests/invitations for impromptu swims/bikes/runs or distribute
other relevant news.  If you already have WhatsApp (free app) installed on
your phone then just shoot me a message at (503-318-7930) to opt-in to the
group.  If you don’t have the app just log into Google Play or the iTunes
store to download it to your phone.  After you install it you’ll receive a
code via SMS text message to finalize your setup.

*You can also find O2 Endurance (o2endurance) on Instagram…if you have
an account give us a follow.

ORGANIZATIONAL NEWS:  Beginning on March 1st we will install the following;
1) The O2 Endurance Club will release the 2016 event calendar with a
training option each weekend and a major event each quarter.  Club
membership cost is $99/year (covers the entire family) or FREE for those
that participate in swim, bike and run sections (all 3).  Willie will send
out an invitation to opt-in within the next few days.

2) We have been at $65/month for several years now, even through the
renovation and equipment upgrades.  Beginning in March we will install a
modest $1.25 per session increase bringing group training rate to
$70/month per section.  This helps to offset our rising costs.

3)  Improved self-care for the coaches …in the past I have not always
done a great job of looking for opportunities on the calendar to rest and
recharge which has a huge impact on everything we do.  Looking ahead
we will identify those “5th week” sessions and have short planned
shut-downs to allow athletes and coaches an opportunity to restore a bit
and maintain a high level of training/coaching.  The first of these will
be March 29-Apr 3.  This will only happen 4 times per year and only on
months that offer a 5th week.

Thats all for now.  If you raced today hydrate well and get a good night
of sleep so your body can use the effort to build fitness.  Lets have a
great week of training!