Post Race Review – IMPORTANT


  As we chatted about last week the objective at Blue Lake was to check in
on fitness and find a few things that we can use in your primary racing
objectives later this month/summer.  So, while its still fresh in your
mind take a moment to reflect and write out the answers to the following

1. Did you feel mentally ready to race?
2. What were the most productive parts of your pre-race routine?
3. What will you change about the day/hours leading into your next race?
4. Did you have a race plan based on your strengths and your course
5. Did you trust and execute your plan?
6. What went better than expected?
7. What do you want to improve for the next race?
8. Is there anything you would like help with before the next race?

  Now, some teachable moments;

1. Study the USA Triathlon rulebook carefully, I saw O2E rule violations
that would have resulted in penalty’s and disqualifications at Nationals.
  -You can’t even touch your bicycle until your helmet is on and buckled.
  -You must CROSS the mount line before getting onto the bike on your way
out and you must dismount BEFORE you cross the line coming in.
  -You may not be in the “draft box” behind a cycling in front of you
unless you are ACTIVELY PASSING, otherwise you are drafting.

2. Know the “flow through” of transition, where to enter and where to exit
BEFORE the race begins.

3. Have some landmark at your transition area so you don’t have to look
for it while you’re in “race brain”.

4. Arrive at the venue and have you transition setup no less than 1hr
prior to the scheduled race start.  This allows for bathroom stops and
anything unexpected that might occur pre-race.

5. Warmup pre-race just like we do before EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT.  If you
are going to  put your body into a hard effort you must get it ready
first.  This routine also helps to avoid anxiety.

6.  Have a plan.  Trust your training.  Race like you train.  This
pertains to pace, tactics and nutrition.  This ALSO helps to avoid anxiety
and produce better performances.

7.  Pay attention to the little things…potholes in the road, rocks in
transition, shady areas of the race course…these are the BIG THINGS when
it comes to earned positions and qualifying for World Championships.

8. Believe in yourself, put yourself on the edge…your training has
prepared you.

#1) Saturday Jun 11: We’ll have a rehearsal on Saturday morning at 8am in
the Training Ctr.  5km-20km-2.5km.  Reserve your space.  $20 fee.
*If this fills there will be a second section.

#2)  Saturday Jun 18: We’ll have a rehearsal on Saturday morning at 8am in
the Training Ctr.  5km-20km-2.5km.  Reserve your space.  $20 fee.
*Full dress rehearsal (clothing, nutrition, tactical plan, etc.

Just three weeks until Du Nationals, let me know if I can be of any help
in your preparation.