2016 Prices and New Offerings

O2E Crew,

Just a quick reminder that the 2016 pricing will increase of $1.25 per
session will begin with this March invoice. It was communicated in a
video and previous email (with lots of other info) so I just want to
make sure you are all aware before we begin sending out invoices. As you
all know, the costs associated with running a business continue to go up
and we’ve always tried to stay on the low end of the market rate. This
is never something that I take lightly. Thank you all for your continued

***We are near the numbers required to re-launch the 8am bike workouts.
  If you would be interested in 8am Tuesday morning or Friday morning
please let me know ASAP. We also have interest in an evening (after work)
run group either Monday or Tuesday…if you would be interested please
let me know as well.

thx, Bryant