SPECIAL – Run Clinic with Bryant THIS THURSDAY at 6am


If you haven’t heard yet – The UAE let their most valuable American  
come home for a few days – AND! He’ll be coaching a special RUNNING  
CLINIC at the O2 Endurance Training center tomorrow morning at  
6am-7am. Those of you who are enrolled in Thursday morning Track will  
get a valuable tutorial on how to run better, faster and easier. But,  
this is also an opportunity for those of you running on your own to  
come and practice technique and run skills that will make a big  
difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your training and  
racing. Bring your running pals too! Drop in is only $15 – we will be  
indoors but dress in layers and don’t forget your water bottles. It’s  
gonna be GOOD!

Also – please note updates and changes for weekend Club Runs and Rides  
for the next couple of weeks…

Saturday, January 16th – Indoor bike w/ Janet @ 8am
Sunday, January 17th – Cascade Event 1/2 marathon, 5k, 2 miler  
(something for everyone!)
Saturday, January 23rd – Indoor bike with Remy
Sunday, January 24th – Group run @ Tryon Creek – 8:30am start
Saturday, January 30th – Group run @ Duniway – 8:30am start

And remember, the Training Center will be closed the final week of  
January – Sunday 1/24 until Sunday 1/31
February training will resume on Monday the 1st.

Check out the O2 Endurance Website for updates and info as well.

See you tomorrow!!

O2 Endurance
Performance Coaching Group
Portland, OR