TT Warmup Protocol

Bicycle Time Trial Warm Up Protocol

IT-warmup-protocolCompleting an effective warm up is the key to producing your best time
trial performance. The following are examples for a short prologue warmup
(5-15k) and mid-distance (20-40k) time trial warm-up and each is
strategically designed. A proper time trial warm-up should activate the
targeted individual energy systems that will be used during the majority
of the effort. Engaging the correct energy systems during warm up is key
to starting processes of fuel utilization, buffering capacities (lactic
acid), and metabolic activities. By targeting a system that is used for a
time trial, techniques can be used to activate the system metabolically
without overly fatiguing the athlete or depleting carbohydrate stores.

For example, in a prologue, the majority of the time trial is over
threshold, reaching V02 Max, requiring high wattage outputs and large
muscle recruitment. In the warm-up, it is critical to reach the system
that will be utilized without “loading” the legs. High rpm’s can be used
so legs don’t become fatigued but physiological systems are activated.
Structure the warm-up so high zone levels are reached in the middle of the
warm-up with lower rpm’s; then progressing to higher rpm’s at the end of
the warm-up with no leg load (resistance).

In a mid-distance warm-up, similar strategies can aid in targeting the
cardiovascular systems that will be used for the majority of the time
trial. Choose the warmup below that most closely reflects the type of time
trial you will be racing and practice with it until you have refined it to
suit your fitness and riding style.  The more successful you are in
warming your body up the more success you will have in time trials.

*On hot days warmup stay near the lower end of all zones to decrease
dehydration/over-heating*  (stay in shade and hydrate during warmup)


*Stretch as needed*
1 min. at ZONE 3 HR (80% of FTP) @90-100rpm
1 min. at ZONE 1 HR (<55% of FTP)
5 min. at ZONE 3 HR (80%—BUILDING TO–>90% of FTP) @90-100rpm
1 min. at ZONE 1 HR (<55% of FTP)
4 min. at ZONE 4 HR (90%—BUILDING TO—>100% of FTP) @90-100rpm
3 min. at ZONE 2 HR (60-70% of FTP)
2 min. at ZONE 5 HR (100%—BUILDING TO—>110% of FTP) @90-100rpm
5 min. at ZONE 2 HR (60-70% of FTP)
**Go straight to the start line.


After a 20-30min. EASY trainer warm-up
5 min. at Zone 3 HR (80% of FTP) @ 100 rpm
2 min. at Zone 4 HR (100-110% of FTP) @120 rpm
5 min. at Zone 2 HR (60-70% of FTP) @100 rpm
Off trainer & directly to start line!

*Lactate Threshold HR or Perceived Exertion may be substituted for those
not using a power meter.