The idea of the Training Center was born more than 30 years ago in the
mind of a teenager who was inspired to build a facility that made elite
level resources available to the everyday athlete. Over the years that
vision has evolved and matured through the leadership of owner/founder
Bryant Howard to include a comprehensive offering of athlete support tools
and resources.

The current location provides the most complete offering of resources
available to non-elite athletes in the Portland area. Group and private
training for swim, bike, run, strength, flexibility and nutrition are
complemented by on-site sports massage, full service bike repair, Retul
dynamic bike fitting, altitude training and the latest in scientific research to ensure that
every athlete gets the most out of the time they invest in their training.

Some people see all the technology or hear about the innovative training
programs and conclude that its too sophisticated for them or that they
aren’t “good enough” to deserve this type of training…but we believe
that EVERY athlete deserves the best resources and knowledge available.
Those that take a closer look at the athletes at the Training Center will
see ordinary people accomplishing EXTRAORDINARY things simply by following
the programs we offer.

The tools and resources we use are back by research and they work for
anybody willing to put in the effort. Groups are optimized for
individual fitness levels, so its always a good time to join. Try it out
for a week as our guest and we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

Come check it out as our guest. First week is FREE. Email for details.