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Experienced. Focused. Proven.

O2 Endurance is a performance training group for multi-sport athletes that utilizes cutting edge technology, individual coaching and a dynamic team approach to meet the needs of novice triathletes, age group competitors and National Champions.  Unique in Portland for our group training philosophy, which harnesses the energy and natural motivation inherent in team training, we offer resources that cover all the bases of competitive multi-sport preparation.  O2E recognizes the importance of a training environment that offers a balanced and sustainable lifestyle for people juggling the challenges of personal athletic goals and real-world responsibilities.  O2E helps team members identify and pursue specific goal events, supporting each individual with specific coaching, the latest training technology and the fun and connection of training with a team.

O2 Endurance has developed a range of athletes from novice to professional to compete at the local, national, and international level.  Our athletes have used our facilities and methods to achieve countless personal bests, podium finishes, category upgrades and National & World Championship titles. We strive to be a resource for all endurance athletes looking for information, peer support and dedicated, professional guidance and we believe that everyone deserves the best training resources available regardless of experience or ability.   O2 Endurance is committed to supporting you in achieving your goals: We are passionate about helping people succeed.

O2E is pleased to offer training options for athletes of all levels. We invite you to try any of our group workouts FREE for your first week.

•Interested in trying out a training group?  Check out our calendar under the Athlete Resources tab for convenient weekly group swimming, biking, running and strength conditioning opportunities as well as weekend alternatives.

•Interested in individualized coaching?  Review our Coaching tab to find an option that best suits your personal goals.

•Interested in renting our Training Center for your club or training group? Look at the Training Center tab to learn more.

•Send us an EMAIL to reserve your space, ask questions or learn more.