O2E Accepting New Athletes for 2023

O2 Endurance is pleased to announce that the 2023 private coaching roster is open to new applicants.  If you’re interested in or have questions about working with a private coach shoot us an email HERE.

Goal Setting Revisited

We talked a lot about goal setting before the new year. Now that some time has passed it’s important to revisit and revise these goals if needed. What you set your sights on for this season has to inspire and motivate you. Whether you set your goals already or are waiting for some magic moment … [Read more…]

Goal Setting 101

Its that time of year again to take a few minutes to think over theaccomplishments of the season and ponder the possibilities for theupcoming year. So many really cool things were accomplished in ourgroup that it seems nearly impossible to surpass it…but we always seemto find a way. As you’re designing your goals for 2023 … [Read more…]

Why Test???

“THE HOW” of our testing sessions; -We begin each of our test sessions with a warmup protocol very similar to a pre-race warmup. We do this to activate the muscles and energy systems required to produce the best possible result. We also do this as a rehearsal of our race day routine so that it … [Read more…]

Long Rides and Runs this winter.

Crew,   Keep in mind that during these very important winter base sessions that it is CRITICAL THAT YOU DON’T “LEVEL JUMP”.  You must respect your body’s need for a sensible progression that allows for a healthy adaptation process.  We’ve laid out specific benchmarks that we’re trying to hit but you must never try to over-reach or … [Read more…]

Rest to Gain Fitness

Most people live very hectic lives and they don’t get the rest or sleep that they need. If you are training hard then you need rest to recharge your batteries. You can’t be at peak efficiency after staying up until 1:00AM and getting up at 6:00AM the next morning for days on end. Nautilus founder … [Read more…]

Run: Keys to Speed

Stride Length/Stride Rate In a simplistic view, to improve speed you need to increase stride length and/or stride rate. Many athletes and coaches initially concentrate on improving stride length only to find that both stride rate and speed decrease. It is perhaps more effective to work on stride rate because this increases the power in … [Read more…]

Indoor Cycling

INDOOR CYCLING: Better than the great outdoors? The prospect of indoor cycling during the long, cold winter months is more than many endurance athletes can bear. No wonder: They resign themselves to hours on the “trainer”, banging their heads with their favorite tunes and worn out tapes on the VCR. If only the sensory overload … [Read more…]