Blue Lake Wrap-Up

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone that powered through the heat
today at Blue Lake.  It was an impressive sight to see everyone out there
putting the training to use and cashing in on the effort.  Special
congrats to all that completed their first race, PR’d or earned a podium
placing out there today.

Some quick highlights:
-Mykal and Taylor dueled it out in wild sprint to the finish line…better
luck next time young fella.  😉

-Heidi powered through multiple flats out on course and STILL finished the

-Carol looked fresh as a daisy running in to the finish line.

-Ida and Ben both knocked out their first race in the red and black.

-Ricky, Diane and Allison showed that they’re heading into Duathlon
Nationals ready for battle.

-Remy, Joe and Heather all notched overall victories in their races.

Put your feet up and focus on replacing the fluid you lost today.  You
guys rocked it!