Crew Update : December 5th

Hey Team,

Great first week and weekend back in the swing of things. Well done,
all of you that have rallied and made it out in the cold and the dark
to the Training Center, the pool and even outside for this weekends
workouts. Thanks again to Willie and Chelsea for hosting the
kickstarter 4 miler on Saturday. Bacon and eggs does make a drizzly
run seem a little warmer. I felt grateful again for what we’ve got
while riding a piece of the Ironman Florida course INSIDE on Sunday.
Training with friends, taking about goals, getting it done. Good work,
Team. If you haven’t yet made the commitment to return to your
training plan, do it now. Base building is the foundation for a
faster, fitter and healthy race season. Remember you can’t move to the
next step without getting through the first. I know you all like to
get places fast — but really, you can’t skip it, so don’t even try.

Base building is all about focusing on form in all three sports, and
building our muscle strength and cardiovascular ability. Keep this in
mind when we do drills over and over in the pool, when we go through
the cones again and when I poke you in the butt on the bike – use
those glutes and hips!

When the spring and summer comes and we get busier finding time for
strength training gets harder so take advantage of it now. Tuesday and
Friday 7:15am, Wednesday @ 6pm or Tuesday and Thursday 9am (women only)

A few updates: There will *NOT* be Resolution Run on FRIDAY January
1st. There WILL be a BIKE workout at the Training Center (as usual)
BUT it will begin at 8am. Enjoy the Holiday sleep in!

This weekend:
Saturday Club Run @ Sellwood/Oaks Bottom 8:30 Start
Sunday Indoor Ride @ The TC 8am Start and $20 drop-in

Stay dry!
And if you need to reach me – 503-348-9369