Happy Holidays Team! Thank you all for bringing
your positive energy, a willingness to work hard and for making my job
such a gift.

Please read and mark your calendars with the below changes to the
December schedule. When you get all the way
through there’s an important note from THE Coach Bryant  – don’t skip


12/19 SATURDAY 8:30 Club Run with Willie at Tryon Creek (45-55mins)
12/20 SUNDAY 8am Indoor Computrainer ride with Janet (1-1.5 hrs)


Because Christmas Day falls on a Friday (there will be NO class on
Christmas Day), plan to make up that workout on either Tuesday 12/22 at 6am
or Wednesday evening 12/23 at 7pm to be sure you get your training hours.

12/26 SATURDAY 8:30 Club Run with Willie at Duniway Track.  Come share the
festive spirit with your buddies while you run!

12/27 SUNDAY 8am Indoor Computrainer ride with Janet (1-1.5 hrs) Bring
your new bikes! (Wishful thinking!)


With another Friday Holiday on New Year’s Day – BIKE POWER CLASS will START
at 8am! Enjoy the extra sleep. Be there to start 2016 off right!

******NOTE to those starting new groups or coming back to groups in
January, the January block of training starts on 12/28 (because the coaches
will be traveling the last week of January and the Training Center with

REMEMBER to EMAIL Willie at with
your registration info for the Cascade 1/2 Marathon by January 2nd – late
registration will be full price – don’t wait. Make check payable for $35 to
‘Cascade Half Marathon’

*******The Cascade 1/2 Marathon/10k takes place on Sunday 1/17 — for this
week the 8am Indoorride with Janet will take place on SATURDAY 1/16th

RACE REGISTRATION for 2016: It’ll be here before you know it. Let’s be
ready. WHY Racing Event rates go up after Dec. 31st and are currently at
there lowest prices. Register soon to get the best deals.  Blue Lake,
Spring Classic, Hagg Lake etc. They have USAT sanctioned all there races,
which is great for us.  Link to registration here

Also time to think about signing up for OBRA for 2016 with Jack Frost TT
coming up.

Ok, you made it! And now….


Keep in mind that this month is meant to serve as a gentle on-ramp to your
regular training schedule. The body doesn’t adapt well to dramatic
changes in routine and activity levels which is why I recommend that
everyone choose no more than 2 of the 3 group disciplines
for December.  Building up our bodies with strength training is CRITICAL
this time of year since we’ll spend the entire year breaking down muscle
tissue during our long endurance sessions.  Those that skip strength
training will likely become injured at some point next year.

Use your 2016 goals as the guideline for the buildup events that you
choose between January and June.  If you’re racing long course you should
get in a winter half marathon. If you’re focused on short course you
should be trying got develop your 5k/10k speed.

This is the time of year to establish baseline health so please get an
appointment with you doctor for a complete physical.  Included in that
appointment request diagnostic bloodwork that includes a CBC and FERRITIN
level.  The Ferritin level is ESPECIALLY important to be sure to
specifically request that be added.

Brick by brick, that’s how a strong foundation is built.  Stay healthy,
get to those workout sessions and keep your eyes on the goal board.

Thanks for reading Crew – keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays from O2 Endurance Coaching Team