Goal Setting 101

Its that time of year again to take a few minutes to think over the
accomplishments of the season and ponder the possibilities for the
upcoming year. So many really cool things were accomplished in our
group that it seems nearly impossible to surpass it…but we always seem
to find a way. As you’re designing your goals for 2023 consider the

-Goals should be specific and measurable. There should be no question at
the end of the year whether or not you achieved your goal.
-Goals should be PROCESS oriented (focused on actions within your control
vs. OUTCOME oriented such as winning/placing which are largely affected by other people.)

-Goals should be challenging…to the point that they make you a little
nervous. An ideal goal will stretch you beyond what you can do right now
and REQUIRE that you improve in some manner.

-Goals should be REALLY CHALLENGING…so challenging that you have to
accomplish some pretty cool things on the road to reaching your goal.
Done properly you might find at the end of the year that you’ve fallen
short of your stated goal, but in the process you’ve reached a level of
performance you’d never achieved before. We call this SUCCESS.

-Goals should be PERSONAL AND MEANINGFUL…there’s going to be a moment
during the year when you ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” You better
have a great answer and you better mean it…if not you’re going to find
it hard to achieve your goal.

-Goals should be SHARED WITH FRIENDS…this makes it really and makes you accountable. Talk about your goals, explain why they matter and watch
your friends and training partners rally behind you.