Goal Setting Revisited

We talked a lot about goal setting before the new year. Now that some time has passed it’s important to revisit and revise these goals if needed. What you set your sights on for this season has to inspire and motivate you. Whether you set your goals already or are waiting for some magic moment – February is upon us and it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Coach Bryant wrote a great piece about goals setting that you can find here. Check it out. https://www.o2endurance.com/goal-setting-101/

Then ask yourself as few questions…

Why did you choose this goal? Because you didn’t achieve it last year? Because all your friends are doing it?

How close to achieving this goal are you already? What will it take for you to actually reach this goal? How much time and effort are you ready to dedicate?

Remember, these goals are all about YOU – a podium finish requires control over the field that you don’t have. And your goals are also changeable — you might be shooting for an Ironman now, but realize come May that the Olympic distance really pushes you are excites you. What’s most important is that you pick a goal or two that you know you can achieve if you work hard, train smart and keep your eye on the prize.

Now, go for it!