Chaos Week…Money In The Bank!

The first week of July is in the books and it was memorable for sure!  To throw a wrinkle into the training groups I presented our normal testing week activities as “Chaos Week” with the objective of allowing everyone to check their ability to navigate the types of challenges that often present themselves on race day such as a malfunctioning power meter or unexpected change to the start time.  Rather than walking everyone through our warm-up protocols I challenged the group to implement the routine on their own and get themselves ready for a short “rehearsal race” that doubled as our monthly test.

We used the following guidelines;

  1. STATE OF MIND…Decide in advance the most productive state of mind for the effort you are about to do.
  2. MOVEMENT THOUGHT…Choose a movement cue that leads directly to efficient forward movement that can be used during the moment when technique begins to fall apart.
  3. TACTICAL PLAN…Have a planned approach to the effort that you can evaluate afterward.

With these very basic guidelines I stepped back and watched some really terrific performances.  Great work everyone!  Make note of what worked and lets try to replicate it in our workouts and races the rest of the summer.    -Bryant


Video: Track Workout Technique


 Nice work at the track this morning.  I condensed some of the video down
to 10 minutes with the warmup drills, a few of the repeats and the cool
down drills.  I included a few notes to guide you along as you watch. 
Often we’re not moving the same way we FEEL like we’re moving, so take a
few minutes to watch yourself and see if you’re incorporating the things
we’ve been working on.

1) Posture…hips high and balanced
2) Position…slight forward lean, casted foot
3) Power…upward leg drive from the hip, quick turnover

Check it out here;

Let me know what you see.


Post Race Review – IMPORTANT


  As we chatted about last week the objective at Blue Lake was to check in
on fitness and find a few things that we can use in your primary racing
objectives later this month/summer.  So, while its still fresh in your
mind take a moment to reflect and write out the answers to the following

1. Did you feel mentally ready to race?
2. What were the most productive parts of your pre-race routine?
3. What will you change about the day/hours leading into your next race?
4. Did you have a race plan based on your strengths and your course
5. Did you trust and execute your plan?
6. What went better than expected?
7. What do you want to improve for the next race?
8. Is there anything you would like help with before the next race?

  Now, some teachable moments;

1. Study the USA Triathlon rulebook carefully, I saw O2E rule violations
that would have resulted in penalty’s and disqualifications at Nationals.
  -You can’t even touch your bicycle until your helmet is on and buckled.
  -You must CROSS the mount line before getting onto the bike on your way
out and you must dismount BEFORE you cross the line coming in.
  -You may not be in the “draft box” behind a cycling in front of you
unless you are ACTIVELY PASSING, otherwise you are drafting.

2. Know the “flow through” of transition, where to enter and where to exit
BEFORE the race begins.

3. Have some landmark at your transition area so you don’t have to look
for it while you’re in “race brain”.

4. Arrive at the venue and have you transition setup no less than 1hr
prior to the scheduled race start.  This allows for bathroom stops and
anything unexpected that might occur pre-race.

5. Warmup pre-race just like we do before EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT.  If you
are going to  put your body into a hard effort you must get it ready
first.  This routine also helps to avoid anxiety.

6.  Have a plan.  Trust your training.  Race like you train.  This
pertains to pace, tactics and nutrition.  This ALSO helps to avoid anxiety
and produce better performances.

7.  Pay attention to the little things…potholes in the road, rocks in
transition, shady areas of the race course…these are the BIG THINGS when
it comes to earned positions and qualifying for World Championships.

8. Believe in yourself, put yourself on the edge…your training has
prepared you.

#1) Saturday Jun 11: We’ll have a rehearsal on Saturday morning at 8am in
the Training Ctr.  5km-20km-2.5km.  Reserve your space.  $20 fee.
*If this fills there will be a second section.

#2)  Saturday Jun 18: We’ll have a rehearsal on Saturday morning at 8am in
the Training Ctr.  5km-20km-2.5km.  Reserve your space.  $20 fee.
*Full dress rehearsal (clothing, nutrition, tactical plan, etc.

Just three weeks until Du Nationals, let me know if I can be of any help
in your preparation.


Blue Lake Wrap-Up

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone that powered through the heat
today at Blue Lake.  It was an impressive sight to see everyone out there
putting the training to use and cashing in on the effort.  Special
congrats to all that completed their first race, PR’d or earned a podium
placing out there today.

Some quick highlights:
-Mykal and Taylor dueled it out in wild sprint to the finish line…better
luck next time young fella.  😉

-Heidi powered through multiple flats out on course and STILL finished the

-Carol looked fresh as a daisy running in to the finish line.

-Ida and Ben both knocked out their first race in the red and black.

-Ricky, Diane and Allison showed that they’re heading into Duathlon
Nationals ready for battle.

-Remy, Joe and Heather all notched overall victories in their races.

Put your feet up and focus on replacing the fluid you lost today.  You
guys rocked it!


Blue Lake Pre-Race Reminder


  As we head into a racing weekend just a quick reminder about how to get
ready.  Make sure that you get your bike setup and pack all your gear
for race day.  Here’s a packing list if you don’t already have one:

  Tomorrow you want to complete either a run or bike warmup to activate
your body.  Keep it to 30-45min with a few race pace efforts and
technique drills.  Its going to be hot this weekend, so make sure you’re
diligent about hydration. Start with half you bodyweight in fluid
ounces, plus a bottle while you’re doing your warmup.

  The objective this weekend is to test your body in a race situation and
identify things that are developing well as well as areas that need
attention in preparation for Duathlon Nationals.

For those preparing for Du Nationals here’s another version of the recon
video I made with a little something to set the mood.

Watch the video until you can visualize each section of it.  The more you
watch the video the better you will race.


O2 Crew Digest: Training this week, Social, Updates

O2 Crew,

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the pleasant weather this
weekend. For those of you that have served or have family members that
have served in the military we thank you and honor you with our
gratitude for all of your sacrifices.
Below is a quick run-down on some important info for the week ahead;

TRAINING: Your feedback has been taken into consideration and clearly the
group wants our Thursday track workout to be at Grant HS for the summer.
We’ll begin at 6am (arrive early to warmup) and finish by 7am. We will
also hold occasional training events at Reed College on the weekends.

-Upcoming…I’m driving out to video/gps the Duathlon Nationals course
today and will announce a rehearsal duathlon in the next two weeks. Space
will be limited, let me know if you would like a spot.

MEETING/SOCIAL: Our very diverse (and very busy) group is split 50/50 on
availability for a team meeting and social. So, accepting that not
everyone can attend here’s what we’re going to do;

-MEETING…I’m going to record a video to convey important information. I
will send out a link via this email list to access it.

-SOCIAL…Since the point of a social is to get everyone together we’re
going to find weekend date in the next couple weeks that works better
with most everyone’s schedule. Please give feedback if you’re around
either June 11/12 or June 18/19.

-NEW KITS…The new kits are in and I will begin distributing them at
workouts tomorrow. I’m passing them along at exactly what they cost to
produce, so I can’t process them in your monthly O2E billing or accept
credit cards (would appear as taxable income). Please bring cash or
checks. Sizes are exactly the same as previous years (same company), we
have cycling kits, triathlon kits (1-pc/2-pc), t-shirts, arm/leg warmers
and team socks. I will send prices in a separate email so you can budget.
have a great day,

Rehearsal Duathlon Notes/Results


  Nice work out there today.  I saw lots of good things and hopefully you
all came away feeling more confident in your preparation for Spring
Classic.  Some things to consider as you process your performance today.

1) Were you “psyched up” (positive mindset) or “psyched out” (negative
mindset) going into the effort?

2) Did you have a plan?  If yes, did you stay with it throughout the

3) What went better than you expected?

4) What didn’t go as well as you planned?

5) How will you leverage your strengths to perform at your best at Spring

6) What are some things that you need to address before Spring Classic?

*I don’t have my phone for the weekend (left it back in Portland), but
feel free to email me if you want to debrief about the rehearsal/plan for
Spring Classic.


O2E April 2016, Duathlon Rehearsal

Juliet Hochman
Run 1…20:26
Run 2…21:32
Total Time…….1:17:57

Janet Howard
Run 1…21:25
Run 2…24:04
Total Time….1:20:00

Remy Maguire
Run 1…20:35
Run 2…22:55
Total Time…..1:23:04

Heather Knapp
Run 1…22:26
Run 2…24:16
Total Time…..1:27:31

Heidi Bullock
Run 1…22:22
Run 2…24:28
Total Time…..1:28:10

Taylor Mathes
Run 1…24:40
Run 2…28:13
Total Time….1:31:16

Willie Wilcoxen
Run 1….27:37
Run 2…28:22
Total Time…..1:36:08

Sebastian Pastore
Run 1….26:24
Run 2….29:30
Total Time……1:37:50

Diane Kerns
Run 1….27:11
Run 2….29:06
Total Time…..1:39:37

Chris Mays
Run 1….28:47
Total Time…..1:40:55

Mary Crouse
Run 1….31:36
Total Time…….1:53:35

Allison Couch
Run 1….34:20
Run 2…..36:25
Total Time……1:54:49

Carol Moore
Run 1…..34:53
Run 2…..36:08
Total Time……2:04:51



Diane K./8:17/16:53/26:48
Chris M./9:03/17:49/27:22

Weekend Events 4/2-4/3

Hey Crew,

I hope that you are all enjoying this week of sunshine and sleep. The weather has seriously cooperated with us for recharging low batteries and preparing us for solid training ahead.


SATURDAY 4/2 – “Trail Trial” 5k Practice Race @ Reed College – 8am
This is an excellent opportunity to get out and take your run training to the trail. We will be doing a timed 5k on the Reed College campus. The terrain is flat and well groomed. This is an important BENCHMARK in our training – don’t miss it.  We will be doing a short group warm-up before we run. Please arrive earlier if you need more time to prepare. It’s gonna be FUN!

(Specific directions to parking coming in separate email)

SUNDAY 4/3 – Weather will determine our plans. If the rain clouds return we will offer an indoor ride starting 8am at the Training Center, $20 drop-in. If the skies are clear lets try to get buddies together to get out and ride. Feel free to use this forum or the WhatsApp to communicate with folks and coordinate rides.

NEXT WEEK: Back at it! Remember these additions and changes to the schedule.

****NEW CLASS**** Friday’s at 7:15-7:45 CORE CHALLENGE

****TIME CHANGE**** Wednesday Evening STRENGTH 6-6:30pm and BIKE POWER 6:45-7:45

Go to for more info.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


O2E News and Notes

Hey Crew!

Please review a few important things to note about upcoming events and
All of these changes and additional info are available at:

Thanks for all your hard work and commitment. You’ve put in some
serious efforts this month. Take advantage of next week to recharge,
restore and get ready to rock your training in April.
SATURDAY, 3/26: O2E Club Run – 8am Start @ Tryon Creek Nature Park
SUNDAY, 3/27: Indoor Ride with Janet – 8am @ The Training Ctr.
Monday 3/28 – Friday 4/1: No O2E Group Training

***SATURDAY, 4/2***
O2E Event – “Trail Trial” 5k Practice Race,
Reed College Loop (SE Steele)
Check Facebook and Website for updates.

***SUNDAY, 4/3***
Indoor Ride with Janet – 8am @ The Training Ctr.
Subject to change with weather. Check Facebook and Website for updates.
Cost: $20

CORE CHALLENGE with Heidi B. begins Friday, April 8th.
This 30 min class will take place at the Training Center from 7:15am –
7:45am on Fridays and is the perfect compliment to the training you’ve
done all week.
Reserve your spot NOW. Email to sign-up. Its’ gonna
be GOOD!
COST: $35/month

Will now run from 6pm-6:30pm
COST $35/mo

-WEDNESDAY PM BIKE will now be starting at 6:45PM.
Please arrive early to give yourself time to setup. We must start
promptly in order to have time to run off the bikes in coming weeks.

-NEW GROUPS: We are close to launch on a few more offerings this spring
and would
love to invite more of our local community to get involved. If you would
be interested in a Tuesday evening run group or a Friday 8am bike group
please help us find at least 8 people to participate.

If you haven’t “liked” us already on Facebook, Instagram and
Twitter, PLEASE do and also ask your friends to do so as well.
Our social media reach helps us communicate training tips, club
information and race updates.

If you each invite ONE of your friends to “like us” too, we can all
reach even more athletes and inspire even more people to reach for big
goals and achieve them!

Thank you for spreading the O2E excitement:-)

Facebook: o2endurance
Twitter: @o2endurance
Instagram: o2endurance

Have a great weekend,
Bryant and Remy