Rest to Gain Fitness

Most people live very hectic lives and they don’t get the rest or sleep that they need. If you are training hard then you need rest to recharge your batteries. You can’t be at peak efficiency after staying up until 1:00AM and getting up at 6:00AM the next morning for days on end. Nautilus founder Arthur Jones published an article in the 1970 Ironman Magazine abou this very topic. The article stated that Jones could add 1/2 inch of muscle size to any highly motivated bodybuilder. Arthur Jones brought in a group of bodybuilders and told them to sleep and rest for the next 3 nights and days. After the 3 days and nights most of the bodybuilders had already gained 1/4 inch on their arms. Most bodybuilders overtrain. By simply resting the bodybuilders were able to get their muscles to recuperate and grow. Apply the following rules to your routine to make your muscles grow.

-Get 10 hours of sleep per night if you are a teenager
-Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night if you are an adult
-Schedule a 15 minute nap in the middle of the afternoon (I know most people can’t do this, but try)
-Keep vigorous activity on your days off to a minimum
-Take a week off after 6 months of steady training

If you get the rest you need you will successfully achieve your fitness goals.

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