The Training Center

Elite training resources available to everyone

Based on his nearly three decades of experience working with high school, collegiate and elite athletes, including visits to the Olympic Training Center and similar facilities, Bryant Howard built a cutting edge training center in Portland in 2012.  O2 Endurance brings the focused training analytics traditionally only available to elite athletes to multi-sport competitors of all abilities to raise their performance and help them reach their goals.

Come visit us at 3015 SE Berkeley Place in Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood.

Achieve your peak potential in all disciplines

Triathletes and duathletes must combine disciplines seamlessly and transition efficiently from one skill to the next to maximize their race performance. O2E’s unique Training Center allows for consistent, all-season access to brick training, including run to bike and bike to run workouts. Regardless of the weather, weekly scheduled swim, bike and track sessions provide a focused team training environment that allow athletes to keep a routine program year-round. Working with partners and leveraging Portland’s natural outdoor resources, O2E offers weekend team time trials on Sauvie’s Island, Skyline hill climbs, open water swims at Vancouver Lake or Clackamas Cove, and endurance runs through Forest Park or Powell Butte. With groups that offer something for everyone, O2 Endurance provides a comprehensive and varied program for athletes at all levels.

For a current schedule O2E’s offerings, see the Calendar under the Athlete Resources tab.

Computrainer Multi-Rider system

The centerpiece of O2E’s Training Center is our 16-station Computrainer MultiRider system. This dynamic system provides power measurement, pedal stroke analysis, course simulation and interval scripting in addition to authentic racing simulations that factor drag and allow drafting within a peloton. This innovative training tool offers consistent feedback and real-road feel to provide the most effective performance-enhancing experience. Because each station is tailored to the specific athlete, training is highly individualized and focused on improving that athlete’s strength and ability.  The Computrainer has been the gold standard for indoor training for over 20 years and remains the choice of top athletes worldwide.

Terry and James AM workoutRent the Multi-Rider system for your group or team

The Computrainer MultiRider system provides an exciting and technologically superior method of indoor group bike training and racing.  This versatile system allows individuals and groups to:

•Track power output, cadence, heartrate, and pedal stroke efficiency

•Specify time, grade, distance, and percentage AT

•Tailor each station to an individual athlete, setting distinct training loads and workouts to improve specific strengths and abilities.

•Rehearse race tactics with an authentic road feel, optimizing performance in real time.

•Simulate individual and team time trials, criteriums and road races.  Any road course can be authentically re-created using information from Google Earth.

•Practice team dynamics, riding in a pack, and in varied terrain

For more information, please visit the Computrainer website:

How to reserve:

•Groups and teams can reserve the center for 60 minute, 90 minute or 2 hour blocks. All are welcome.

•O2E can offer 3-7 person teams as well as up to four teams at one time for racing to challenge other local squads…Come in and race!

•Contact Bryant at or 503-318-7930