Why Test???

“THE HOW” of our testing sessions;
-We begin each of our test sessions with a warmup protocol very similar to
a pre-race warmup. We do this to activate the muscles and energy systems
required to produce the best possible result. We also do this as a
rehearsal of our race day routine so that it becomes second nature.  
During various times of the year I choose a testing protocol to measure a
specific aspect of your fitness, to evaluate fitness gains and to identify
training targets for upcoming objectives.

“THE WHY” of our testing sessions;
-The sessions we complete during the monthly “Testing Week” serve multiple
purposes. The obvious is to measure of fitness gains, but equally
important is the opportunity to rehearse the effort and focus required
when putting yourself in competition. These abbreviated versions of the
intensity we experience in competition allow us the opportunity to train
our brains to withstand the discomfort and filter out distractions. 
Finally, and this should not be underestimated, is the fitness gains that
we elicit when we execute a “full gas” effort. The closer we get our
efforts to the edge of our fitness the greater the adaptive response
response that we elicit from the body. In this way it truly is a case of
your get out what you put in.

***Testing after an extended break***
-This establishes our starting point and calibrates training intensities
for the following workouts. In our system its critical that we know your
fitness level so we can target appropriate intensities and ensure
progress. Don’t skip out on this week because you’re “out of shape” and
don’t worry about what the number says because the entire point is to make
sure you get the proper training moving forward.

I hope this helps…now go crush those test sets!